OCTOPUS AGENCY is a team of professionals who provide a full range of SEO services. Our main goal is not only to get positions, but to make the website yield profits.

However, our main value is to make clients see not only the result of SEO, but also understand process.

That’s why all our work is built in such a way that OCTOPUS’s services are really transparent. Structured processes and proven algorithms help us follow the principles of clarity within the team. And applying our principles helps build transparent partnerships with customers.


6 Reasons to work with the Octopus Agency

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    Flexible cooperation

    We provide individual approach for each clients and his possibilities

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    Professional team

    Our professional team consist only of professionals with practical experience not less than 1 year in digital environment

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    You deserve a simple and understandable answer to your questions. Our specialists clearly explain what is happening, so that you understand

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    Transparency of work

    We build coopertion on transparency, what is an integral part of our proccess and all of stages we do

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    Effective strategies

    We study the client’s business, then build strategic goals and control implementation of KPI

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    Creative solutions

    We use non-standard and original ideas when constructing the structure of pages, content and link building strategies

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